Hi! We're the band Allskapone's. We've played together since 2003 and although we have the word "ska" in our name we play music that does not fit neatly into any particular genre. So far, we've released 3 CDs – "Dobrá třetí bota","Fortuna" and "Vzušné mé vidiny nádherná těla".
We've played more than 100 concerts throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We perform mainly on the club scene and at festivals.
If you like our work we'd love if you would write to us and let us know.
Or why not invite us to come and play in your town?
We are not very demanding. Along with alcohol, just a small fee is enough.
Thanks a lot and all the best!

e-mail: allskapones@allskapones.cz